Super Flexible Nylon12 Tubing
SHPI Super Flexible Nylon 12 tubing is developed and recognized for compact pneumatic control systems, provides superior flexibility over standard nylon tubing, reducing the need for elbow fittings.

This super flexible nylon 12 tubing, with an extremely high impact resistance and quality finish, which allows thinner tubing wall with excellent flexibility and smaller bend radius, simply installs normal push-in fittings and less tubing is required for constructing control circuits and is used world wide application by the pneumatics industry.
Flexible Nylon12 Tubing
SHPI Flexible Nylon 12 tubing is recognized as general pneumatic and industry applications because of its combination of flexibility and toughness and require higher pressures and higher heat and/or chemical resistance.

Nylon tubing guarantees excellent durability due to its stable long-term mechanical properties and it’s strong, lightweight and has a very low moisture absorption rate compared to other materials.
Due to its physical properties, it is the number one choice for reliable connections with all types of fittings.
Semi-Rigid Nylon6 Tubing
SHPI Semi-Rigid Nylon 6 Tubing is tough, durable, possessing high tensile strength, as well as elasticity and luster. It is highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

This tubing finds application in a broad range of products requiring materials of high strength. It is widely used for low pressure pneumatic, industry, automotive, tools and instrumentation lines in general level and application. And it costs very economic which gets less expensive than Nylon 12.
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